Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Featured Seller: Crossbones Couture!

Hi! My name is Brooke, and I am the sassy creator of Crossbones Couture! I started Crossbones in 2007, and it has grown so much in less then a year! I have been sewing since I can remember, as I come from a family of talented seamstresses and artists. My grandmother, who is 94, still creates life-like watercolor paintings! Crossbones started with accessories, and slowly moved into clothing with the purchase of a Viking serger in December of 2007.

In the growth of my artistic endeavors, and creating new and exciting items for my customers, I find that I really live by 2 rules. The first being to find inspiration where it is least expected. Inspiration for me comes from people, places, and situations that are random, and sometimes fleeting. And I get home, and that moment, or face, or situation makes me want to create. It is almost like capturing a second of time, and preserving it in an outfit, piece of jewelry, or accessory. Sometimes it is color combinations, and sometimes shapes. The second rule, is to try new things. In my shop, you will find many types of media being used, from sewing, screen-print, and embroidery, to wire wrapping, beading, polymer clay, and spray paint. Nothing is off limits. I receive custom orders all of the time, and people will ask "can you do this?" My response always is "I sure as hell will try!"







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