Sunday, January 20, 2008

Featured Seller: KnottyMuse

Super talented Diy'er and gorgeous to boot:

Lindsi is who I am. I'm not quite nineteen years old and I've decided to drop out of college (for now) and quit my real job to stay at home and play with my sewing machine. I adore art and design in addition the physical act of sewing and doing anything crafty so fashion design seems like the perfect place for me.

I just make what I love and put a whole lotta soul into each piece. The living room of my trailer is covered in fabric and pins!

I do a lot of painting in my free time and I love video games! My dreadlocked hair is what gives me the name KnottyLindsi and one of my passions is just meeting new people and soaking up different perspectives!

You can find me at:

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KnottyLindsi said...

:D You pretty much rock my world. I was just browsing your etsy and I'm in love!