Monday, January 21, 2008

Featured Seller: Grenade

Let's see, how I got started..

My whole life I have been sewing and ripping things apart to make new things. I pretty much just did it for myself and helped some friends do it. Then three years ago, my father passed away from bladder cancer, and going through all of that, I started doing more of what I loved doing, sewing. I stumbled upon the diy scene on Ebay and thought " I could probably sell my stuff, too." So I started up 'Daddy's Girl Streetwear' in honor of my father. It was only one or two pieces at a time to start, then it just grew and grew.I currently specialize in hand stamped one of a kind pieces and using reclaimed recycled and vintage fabrics in new combinations.

I discovered Etsy about two years ago, and tried selling a few things, but there weren't a lot of diy clothes on there at the time, and the people who came there weren't looking for that. Recently, however, I think a great deal of diy girls have realized that they get more respected for their craft over on Etsy, plus they can ask a fair price for their stuff, whereas on Ebay, people are mostly there looking for a bargain.

So I think Etsy is about to have a LOT of new customers coming over with a lot of the diy girls dragging them there. It really is a more viable venue for us I think.

As far as three of my favorite pieces, the links are these:

My website hub-
My Etsy-
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My Myspace-

And of course, you can usually find me hanging out as daddysgirl on!

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