Monday, July 23, 2007

Featured Seller: Supayana!

When she was just a young girl, Yana began her career by creating dresses for her dolls and stuffed animals. Her childhood interest in creating clothing evolved into her line called Supayana. There's a good chance this name sounds familiar, because Yana's clothing has really taken off! This isn't surprising considering her unique designs, attention to detail, and flawless construction. Her clothing has been featured in several publications and also worn by celebrities. Supayana recently was voted Fred Flare's Next Big Thing.

Yana of Supayana

So playful!


You can find more information about Yana & Supayana at: her website with more information, portfolio and where to buy.


Janice said...

I *love* her clothing! I checked out her site, but looks like she's doing very well...everything was sold out! LOL I joined her mailing list, though.

Ashabee said...

Wow! What cute stuff! Wifey...I love the features you've been doin...keep it up :)