Monday, January 13, 2014

Past Work

Here is a short Vine of my BFA Metalsmithing show....about a million years ago. I ended up getting two degrees, BFAs in Metalsmithing and Art History. I probably had enough credits for a painting degree, too, but my dean said that was all I get. ;) I really wanted to go into fashion design as an undergrad, but decided to study all the arts I could get my hands on. I tried clay, drawing, painting, glass blowing, etc. Don't be afraid to try new things or things that scare you, or listen to people who try to dissuade you from your true passion. These people most likely are projecting their own baggage upon you. Some of the things I made turned out, um...badly...and some came out really well. The experiences I gained help me to this day! I went on to grad school to study the history of clothing and textiles, which also gave me a great background when creating things.

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Kylie @ FotV said...

How will you know if you love something or hate it until you try it!? Sounds like you had the best approach :)