Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Year

Hi all in blog land! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! This week, now that my kids are back in school, I've been catching up on custom orders and thinking about how I want to move forward with Indiscretion. As some of you may have read in my previous posts, I was revamping my website. I did finish that before the new year, but custom orders and the holidays took over my time. I coded the site exactly how I wanted it, but it takes a little longer to list things. And my items to list now have become huge! I also still have things on Etsy, but I may move them. Etsy has changed in the last few months. Many of my items are one of a kind, but I will remake most things upon request. The problem I'm having is that it seems Etsy wants to encourage me to offer everything in different styles and colors and I'm not comfortable with that. However, who knows, that may change, too. Simpler items are easier to recreate. Anyway,l thank you for sticking with me this far. I am still waiting for my ball jointed doll in order to play around making clothing for it. If this works out, I may expand into other doll sizes. Again, thanks and Happy New Year! Mara


Aubry said...

I wish you oodles of luck in whatever you do with your business. You're insanely talented, and deserve the best of things.

Mara said...

Aubrey, thank you so much! And mad respect for you, girl!

Kylie @ FotV said...

Happy New Year Mara! I always love seeing your creations and can't wait to see the doll clothing line!!