Saturday, April 12, 2008

Featured Seller: Jamieleto

hey, i'm jamie and i run an etsy shop conveniently titled jamie leto ! i've been selling for about 5 months and i love what i do. i sew, knit and make jewelry. i first came across etsy late last year and immediately fell in love with the idea of starting my own shop. my mind always overflows with ideas that usually go to waste. i've always loved making things ever since i was little, whether through art, cooking or anything else. i've wanted to be a filmmaker since i was 12, but i needed more than just one outlet, and that's when i began to knit and sew. when things started to go right, i just got into thinking, i should sell this stuff, and thus jamie leto was born. i took jared leto's last name and began my wonderful little business on

my shop's current theme is THE LIFE AQUATIC with a variety of aquatic type items, but when i began i decided to change the theme every season. i'm not competely sure on what my next theme will be, but as long as i love what i do and others love what i do, i will continue to create whatever comes to mind. in the end, it's all about having happy customers, and that is my first priority, eternally. (:






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