Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Featured Seller: stOOpidgErL

stOOpidgErL's goodies are hardly made by a stupid girl! I've been admiring her jewelry for a long time...I want everything in her shop!

Here's a little bit about stOOpidgErL:

I'm Kim and I am 26 year-old girl from Mount Clemens, MI.

I have always had an interest in art. I graduated from Wayne State University in Dec. 05 with a BFA in photography. Since then I have moved onto other things and began exploring collage work and resin jewelry-making. I am still very passionate about photography and I love shooting colorful things with my Holga camera.

Right now my main interest is resin jewelry. I am fascinated with the medium. I love embedding little things inside resin. I also began making photo pendants with my original artwork and photography. I have also started making shrinky-dink jewelry that is hand-drawn. I am coming up with a whole line of Mutant Sweets!

My work is very colorful, funky, and fun! I love color and I like my work to be oozing with it! I try to provoke feelings of happiness with my art.

Right now a good word to describe my work would be "sweet". I've become quite the sprinkle-whore lately with my resin obsession!! lol!

I quit my crappy job at Sears Portrait to become a full-time ETSY shopkeeper. I love every minute of it too. I work around the clock creating new necklaces and collages, or editing my photos. Running and promoting a successful Etsy shop isn't easy... I spend a lot of time over on Etsy... probably too much time!


Here are 3 of my favorite items at the moment:

Big Sprinkles - Resin Ring

Sweet-Tooth - SuperStar Resin Sprinkles Necklace

Nerd Herd - Resin Necklace


stOOpidgErL said...

Thanks so much for the blog feature Indiscretion! 2 of the items have sold since the feature!! :)

Happy Holidays!!!
+ thanks again!

Mara said...

Oh that's great!