Friday, December 28, 2007

Featured Seller: La Coque

For La Coque, I only have the etsy shop ( right now. I share the Flickr account and MySpace with my other shop, The Devil's Cloth. I started The Devil's Cloth last year and my boyfriend was starting StudioAK around the same time. We both love creativity and practice art, pottery, and sewing. We were having so much fun on etsy but wanted to create something handmade that would be a bit more affordable and accessible to the etsy environment. Like lots of people our age, we also love our hoodies to death, barely taking them off. One day we came up with the idea of engraving metal pendants we had found at a tag sale. When we were testing out some ideas, I started attaching them onto the hoodies we wore and bags. It was the perfect bit of bling, not overtly obvious but in the right light, people would look to see what it said.

Overall La Coque has been such a great outlet for both of us, we really get to drink our whiskey on the weekend and collaborate on new designs for the shop and then split up the work. It's well time spent together!

My three favorites are Audrey Hepburn:

Bear Hug:

and, of course, etsyholic:

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CountryGirl_CityLife said...

yay, looks great! Thanks for featuring me :)