Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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Sweet Shawty’s DIY Necklaces

My name is Sara and I am “Sweet Shawty”! I am 28, a wife and a mom. I’ve always loved to create things. I get the talent from my Great-Great Grandmother. I’ve made many, many different things, but these Necklaces are my ALL TIME FAVORITE! I made myself a handful and would wear them out and was always getting “where did you get that” That’s when I started making them and putting them up on eBay. I have so much fun making these. It’s so exciting to me to see them come to life step by step. I like them so much because I love unique DIY and OOAK things and you can’t just go to a store to find such things. I’ve started making customs of people’s family, friends, pets etc. They get so excited having this piece of jewelry with their loved ones on it. There’s nothing better than the feel I get when someone is truly happy with their necklace.

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