Thursday, October 04, 2007

Featured Seller: Freckleface! (mature content)

I saw her goodies on Etsy and could NOT stop laughing! A seller with excellent quality products and a great sense of humor is always a plus! I love how she got started making her products:

I started freckleface as sort of a joke originally. I would make a pervy wallet for a friend and put a little handmade tag on it, and suddenly my friends were saying that they were getting questioned and complimented constantly. All my supportive and twisted friends really pushed me, plus doing something creative has always been important to me, so, here I am!

I do it mostly for fun, and because it makes me laugh. I mean, being hunched over and cutting out 15 small sets of labia is pretty funny when you think about it. The best thing is getting notes from people saying they laughed for 20 minutes after seeing my stuff. That is such an amazing reward. I don't even care if people buy it or not, really. I just want them to get the joke.

My 3 favorite items:

Money Bags

Family Jewels

Where people can find me online:

Thanks to Steph of freckleface, I have my own little bit of heaven:

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