Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Featured Seller: Coffin Color!

Coffin Color makes mineral makeup more fun than a box of new crayons! I know this personally because as soon as I saw their goodies online, I knew I'd be hooked. I couldn't even decide on colors - but luckily you can purchase samples (and they were shipped immediately - how's that for instant gratification?). I think I'm in love.

A few fun things to do with their stuff:

WHAT THE HELL PINK makes great blush as well as eyeshadow.

Lightly smooth any of the minerals on dry lips (I used my finger to dab some on) and cover with your favorite gloss - I used Wet n' Wild's glass gloss (some say it's identical to MAC's Lip Glass, but don't quote me...)

Mix MMM...BRAINS with TRAILER PARK BLUE for a really fun purple color!

Now here's the good stuff:

A short guide to the Mad Scientists of Coffin Color: what happens when two tattooed, hardcore rock and roll ladies who create kickass handbags [] and organic bath and body items [] join forces? In the infamous case of Melissa and Xiane, the inspiration to create natural and vegan-friendly mineral eyeshadow that would fit in their rockin' lifestyle - yet appeal to anyone looking for interesting, affordable, and cruelty-free eyeshadow shades.
Our inspiration comes from the music we love, underground culture, and horror movies of all types, which is why we name our shades crazy names like Mmmm Brains and Bloody Mary. We like it BRIGHT and SHOCKING. :D
Making eyeshadow is really rewarding! We get to see our creations modeled on all sorts of people, from up-and-coming pinup models to everyday awesome chicas like us. We love seeing photos of our customers showing off our shades - and we are always working on new colors to keep on the cutting edge!

Current favourite colors?
Girl Pants - [check out the text on the listing to know why we call it "Girl Pants!"]

Mmm Brains! -

Jack o' Lantern - [hey, it's me, Mara, budding in for a moment - I got this color even though I never wear this shade, and it's to DIE FOR!!! - ok, back to your regularly scheduled feature ^-^]

that's Xiane wearing it! There's another shot of me with my eyes open, too -

Of course our lab doors are always open at - but you can find out where to see the Mad Scientists in person, and keep up with our latest adventures at and our MySpace,

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Ashabee said...

I think I am gonna have to shop there :) That's freakin awesome! **runs off to tell friends**