Wednesday, September 19, 2007

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If you can't get a tattoo, you've come to the right place!

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let's see how i got started, well i was really tired of shopping in general i just really wanted something unique to wear so i decided to make myself a necklace, wore it out that night and made my first sale in hours of making my first necklace. from then i thought i was onto something. i always wanted to learn how to tattoo so i thought this was the next best thing and from then on i started making pieces based off old school tattoo flash and have kept it going ever since. i love making these pieces and even more so love seeing others enjoy them!

my three favorite pieces would be these -

links to where people can find me online - (my myspace page) (official faster than you website) (my etsy page, obviously) :)


Anonymous said...

excellent i love it! -emily from

Kristine said...

Oh I just love your necklaces! I really like the top one with the swallows and heart. Can it be bought? From your etsy page maybe? There's just so much on that page I can't quite find the one...