Saturday, May 26, 2007

Etsy Blogs!

I've been trying to put together a few lists of different things on Etsy, like suppliers, etc. This list is of several (over 300!) bloggers on Etsy. Some of them write about their items, others write about other Etsy products. I've included a link to my blog as well, as I hope to start featuring designers from both Etsy and eBay.

A couple of very nice Etsyers have been compiling the list in alphabetical order, thanks guys! Other Etsyers have been compiling lists as well, so see the links below.

There are more links being added as we speak. If you want to see the threads in Etsy's forums where people are continuing to put their links, check out 1st thread and 2nd thread and this thread with blogs and info about Technorati 3rd thread. I will try to add more links when I have more time.
The list is too long to post here, so check out my list I posted on LiveJournal in Sew Underground.

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Illustratorsam said...

Wow! LOADS of kudos on the list! I love it :)

Mara said...

Thanks! Lots of other Etsyers have been putting the list together way before I did. After I added my list, another person on Etsy added it to another list...the tally is over 600!

Now I'm working on a list of suppliers on Etsy, what fun!

Anonymous said...

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