Thursday, September 05, 2013

Summer is over!?

This summer has been so busy with so many costumes for SDCC and also DragonCon that I had to take a short break. Of course, when I took a break, I got sick. I'm recovering from Strep throat right now, but that won't stop me! I had started some cute Halloween stuff and now that I feel better, I can get back to it. Also, I really am going to list things on my website. I was going to use Zen Cart or StoreEnvy and link the pages, but for now I'll stick with using a PayPal cart. Unless people really hate that. Speaking of Halloween, I've had a lot of inquiries, but I have to be honest ~ the sooner you decide the better~ I had soooo many last minute costumes last year that I barely was able to finish them in time. So be thinking about that and let me know if you have any questions~ Mara :)

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