Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coats, Puppies, Bunnies, oh my!

I've been doing a great deal of custom work as of late, and haven't had much time to post new clothing that I've made! Also, we have acquired a poodle puppy (I'm allergic to dogs, so the poodle is the least allergenic), a tiny bunny - for the lonely guinea pig we have, and another Robo hamster to replace the one that died. So that's one dog, a bunny, a guinea pig, and two hamsters. It's crazy, I tell you! The puppy is more like a cat, the bunny and guinea pig will cram themselves into their hidey castle together so they look like one animal with two heads, and the hamsters run around like maniacs in their at the very bottom of this post. This is a coat I made from scratch - it was a present - this guy wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a jacket, so it was a challenge for him to get correct measurements on the sly, and he did his best.
Here are a few customs - one coat is a recon - the original coat is on the left. There is a bustle style denim skirt I made from scratch, and a skirt that was white, which I dyed in an ombre style, to match a shoe.
A Back To The Future Jacket from the second movie made from scratch...the wrist and waist decoration came from a designer who works with latex molds. I attached them to the jacket. Pretty cool, huh?
A Fox Coat...
And lots of other things I haven't even had time to photograph! I'll keep you updated, though, when I have more time. And here are the promised cute pics: Riley Mocha catching a few winks...
Jumpy (the bunny) and 3/5 (the guinea pig). Sorry the photo is blurry - I accidentally scared the hell out of them.
Until next time..Mara xoxo


Jessica Freiwald Watt said...

I love the places your mind takes you. The redone coat is my especial favorite. Well done!

Mara said...

Thanks Jessica! The hardest one was the Back To The Future jacket...don't know if I'll ever want to make another.