Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Costumes!

As my website product pages languish....I am working on many custom costumes. Just finished another Leeloo. However, this one has hidden pockets. The outer part of the above-knee band has a hidden pocket, on each side. Pockets have been a big request this year, hidden or otherwise. Who wants to carry a big bulky bag when you can hide your junk in your pocket(s)?
Now it's onto Naruto, for a really adorable girl.....and possibly Strawberry Shortcake...
Can't remember if I posted this before, but this is a photo of a final fitting for Loki (made for a girl) - it wasn't quite finished, but I can't wait to get photos of her with all her armor and weapons!
Anyway, I'll be back! Mara x0x0


Pili said...

Mara = costume maker extraordinaire!!

Mara said...

Pili, you're pretty awesome yourself!