Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Klingons, Klingons, Leeloo!

I have neglected my blog for a bit, and I apologize!!! Since the new year started, I've been busy with custom work.

More Klingon gear, more Leeloo (the bandage costume is incredibly popular, let me tell you...) and other things in the work.

I keep saying I am going to build up my stock so I have more to post on my website, and that will happen, just slower than I anticipated.

However, with that in mind: I have a shoot coming up soon. I need to get my behind in gear to make a few new things for it though! I always work that way with shoots, so I must like the adrenaline rush, right? :p

Also, I don't have many details yet, but I am supposed to participate in a fashion show in March. Hopefully I won't be sewing the night before that event, hahahah.

Well, back to the machine! Just wanted to check in and let you know I am still working.....

Mara :D :D ;D

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Pili said...

Mara, the amazing seamstress to the geeks!