Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's the hold-up?

It looks like nothing is happening, but it is! I've had some more local requests, and also made some baby blankets in my spare (hahaha) time. I have things planned to list on my website! Also, every other week something weird has happened to our house, so that's been a distraction. Like, we have bears in our area, and last week one ran in front of my car.

I'm doing a shoot in about a week and a half and those items will be up on my website shortly. I just started working on this:


Also, I'm now an affiliate with Glitter-Bitches Handmade!! We're called Glitterai and I'm super excited! http://www.facebook.com/gbhandmade

Also, Wenchkin, who is also part of the group, made this AWESOME image of me!
Mara as a Sugar Skull


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