Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Site Update!!

Hi there! I am sewing....somewhere here in the background! With Halloween and many other cons coming up, I'm busy with customs, but I did not forget about my website. I keep redesigning the selling area because I want it to be easy to use. In the meantime, I found a cool way for me to answer questions! Through Google Voice, you can text me and ask a question. Network charges for your phone plan may apply (like if you don't have unlimited messaging, etc...) and will only work for the US and Canada. So give it a try if you feel like it!

505 312 4DIY (4349) I will try and answer as soon as I can, except when sleeping. :P We are on Mountain time here in New Mexico, and although I do stay up late and get up early, if you text at 4am, you won't be getting a quick answer anytime soon. :D

Also, and on a total tangent, I bought myself a Monster High doll because I want to see if I can make clothing from fabric scraps. I'll keep you posted on that....



Pili said...

I am a bit sad I can't text you! :P

Can't wait to see what clothes you make for the doll!

Mara said...

Hi Pili!! You can try texting - some people say it works internationally and some people say it doesn't - so I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up! But you can text me on my regular number :D

Hope you are doing well!