Sunday, March 06, 2011

My Experience with Orglamix

Let me preface this entry by saying that I am giving my personal experience here and am in no way trying to defame anyone's livelihood. I have been asked by a few people to share my experience with Orglamix and will attempt to do so here, giving you the facts as best as I can. I have been hesitant to do so because I don't want to be personally attacked for sharing my experiences with you and the whole situation with Orglamix made me feel very uncomfortable. People do make mistakes, and running a small business is not easy and I do understand well as the fact that customers are the most important part of a business. I love selling as well as buying DiY and continue to support those whom I admire and trust.

Orglamix was recommended to me by several people. So...

I purchased six items on Nov. 8, 2010 - Aurora Eye Color, Violace Corrector, HD Microfinish Powder, Magnetism Primer, Self-Adjusting Mineral Foundation and Rosy Future Blush.

By Nov. 18th, I realized I had not received these items and sent Cheri a message on Etsy. She repied within three hours that she was caught up with orders as of the day before but would check her records the next day.

Nov. 19th: I sent her a message around 6pm to see if she'd found anything out because I hadn't heard from her.

Nov. 20th: I hadn't heard from her and through PayPal found the number for her business and left a message concerning the order in the late morning. When I didn't hear back I filed a claim with both Etsy and PayPal.

Around 7pm that evening I got a message from Cheri on Etsy stating that she'd been ill and that my order had actually been skipped. She offered me a refund or to send the order with a small gift. I decided to have her send me the products.

I was out of town when the package arrived and had closed my PayPal dispute while I was away since the package showed it had arrived and was on hold for me and she'd countered my dispute also stating that the package had been sent.

When I opened the package, I had five pots. Four were the items I ordered, and an extra shadow I did not order (the gift, I assume). The Violace corrector and the Aurora shadow were missing. I sent her a message on Etsy to let her know these items were missing and asked her if she could send them out.

While waiting to hear back, I decided to look at the products. When I opened the primer, I found this:

Bigger photo here: Larger View

There appeared to be bits of lint throughout the product as well as a blob of black stuff embedded in it. After seeing that, I sent another message on Etsy with a picture of the product to Cheri that after receiving the tainted primer, I wanted to return everything to her.

She apologized for the tainted product and sent me her policies on returns, which recommends sending things back by FedEx, UPS or insured Parcel Post. Also, returns are processed within 30 days of receipt.

I opted to send everything back by Priority with Delivery Confirmation and shipped out everything the next day, as I did not want to spend more money than I had to on returning the items. After about a week I checked the tracking and it had arrived within four days of me sending it but I hadn't heard from Cheri. I was concerned that she would forget about my package as she'd forgotten to send it to me in the first place, and then forgot to send me two of the things I ordered. Also, since I knew that people were having trouble getting refunds with GlitterSniffer after the 45 days via PayPal, I was concerned about this with Orglamix, as now it was December 10th (33 days after purchase), and the package showed that it arrived on December 6th. I sent her a message on Etsy to ask her about the refund.

Dec. 11th: I also followed up with a phone message the next afternoon when I didn't hear back, asking her about the refund and asking if she could call me to explain how things were going to be handled.

She sent me a message on Etsy on December 11th at 1:07pm reiterating her 30 day refund policy. However, when I checked my Etsy messages a little later, I received a message from Cheri around 3:19pm that she'd gone ahead and issued the refund.

And that is the story. I did not at the time check any of the labels to see if they were doubled, as I didn't know about the relabeling or repackaging. Thank you for reading my experience and please be polite and considerate to all when and if responding. :D


Reggie (R.M. Jackson) said...

Ugh. GROSS. If you look at my blog post,, you'll see we found some primers that have THREE labels on them. Definitely not natural.

Mara said...

Interesting.... I was wondering how she could mix and package a primer that had so many pieces of lint and whatnot and not notice... so last night I looked up that company name Quero Pro I saw someone posted on the fan page and found this:

I don't know if it's the same but it has the same ingredients.

Snarky P said...


You know- I never thought to ask why NONE of her products came shrink wrapped, especially those which don't require a sifter... Like the cream shadows/liners or primer. It just seems so unsanitary.

And the primer most definitely is NOT all natural, as she claims.