Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I usually don't post things like this -

But I think the pictures shown on CNN and on ABC of Michael Jackson's legs and sore are really in bad taste. Going on and on about the sore and speculating that it was from drug use - despite his claims it was from a spider bite (possibly a Brown Recluse - if you search on the internet you'll see some very graphic photos of injuries from this spider bite. The wounds can become necrotic and black like that).

Anyway, the other thing that makes me wonder:

Here's the so-called photos of the sore, note that it is on the calf of the right leg.

In this photo, with Michael Jackson, the sore appears to be on the shin of the right leg. What's going on here?

Anyway, that's all I will say, I'll let the poor man rest in peace.

As for the crap media - get a clue.

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gabby:Florida's Finest said...

Thank you for posting this. That needed to be said. The media is whoring Jackson's death and it's heartbreaking to see them exploiting him in death the same way they did when he was alive. It's terrible for the media to release all these touchy videos and pics of him and put speculations out their to tarnish his legacy more and he's not even here to defend himself. Why can't people respect him for once and remember him for his music and not his possible drug use or anything else not proven? The media has no respect and no sense of decency. He has young children for goodness sakes. Anyways, thanks for speaking out in his defense:)