Friday, April 03, 2009

Featured Seller: KleanKitty

Good clean fun. Here's how it goes kids :D

Mini bio:
KleanKitty is an itty bitty company, born in the kitchen of a house in Ontario, Canada.

I have had a passion for creating since I was little and I tried to develop my creativity by taking painting and sculpture classes, and upon graduating high school I attended a private makeup college.
I completed and received a diploma in Beauty Make-up, a certificate in Advanced Airbrush Make-Up, a Certificate in Hairstyling, and a Certificate in Special Effects Make-Up.

It was at school that I realized, that what goes on behind the scenes, the skin below the make-up, is important too. Doing make-up on faces day after day, I saw that the skin care regime is one of the most important things you can do, to both look good, and feel good. You can put make-up on uneven skin, or sensitive skin, but the skin is still going to be bumpy and delicate. and by loading on foundation, concealer or powder, you are just covering it up. You aren't improving it at all.

So I then began creating soaps and bath products at home as gifts for friends and family. I wanted to create products that were handmade, with less preservatives and chemicals, less harsh on the environment, and above all, products that feel good, both the way they effect the skin, and the way they make the wearer feel.

And eventually, KleanKitty just took on a life of it's own!


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