Wednesday, December 03, 2008

1 Indiscretion Doubly Blogged!

Hi there! So I found myself in two blogs recently:

And my buddy Lux of Girlispoison started a Zine, and she blogged about me! Thanks Lux!!!

The DiyScene Street Team members will be having sales in their shops, my sale will be 50% off!!! But you have to wait till tomorrow...

AND don't forget to vote in Whatthecraft's Embellishment Contest! I have a skirt entered, but there are also some really beautiful items!!!! And while you are there, join Whatthecraft - it's pretty cool. And when you're not there, go hang out at DiyScene!

I'm not in this blog, but it's author is a very cool connoisseur of DiY :D


Girl Is Poison said...

You rule. Now more people know> :)

Dea said...

I love Lux's Zine too. Congratulations on all the free press!

Pili said...

Ooooh, but you will be, you will be! ;)

You rule Mara!