Thursday, August 14, 2008

Featured Seller: Pet Zombie!

Another marvelous member of DiyScene =D

Hello! My name is Destry but you can call me Pet Zombie. =)
I am the owner and creator behind Pet Zombie Creations.
My business was born in November of 2006.
I was working a call center - customer service job at the time...which
I hated. I knew I needed to be creative in order to be happy but
I also needed money in order to live. So I decided to try and sale
my creations. Well I quit my job and went full steam ahead with the
business. Here I am today...happier than ever!

The inspiraton for my jewelry and art comes from anything and everything.
I've been inspired by something as small as a roofing nail. Really, I have!
Horror and Halloween are a year around inspiration for me.
I am also in love with Steampunk and Victorian designs at the moment.

I love getting custom orders so don't be shy to message me. I won't bite....hard. =) *
Pet Zombie Creations on MySpace

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missknits said...

wow beautiful pieces! thanks for sharing! :)