Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Featured Seller: Meow Kiki!

Hiye!!! My name is Heather and I am the brains behind Meow Kiki Clothing! I created Meow Kiki Clothing in 2004 on Ebay. I started off selling vintage & retail clothing. Then, later that year I learned to sew & started selling my creations on Ebay. I have come a long way since then, and am now *also selling on Etsy &! I diy full-time and hope to someday have my own Meow Kiki Boutiques in all parts of the world. It's a dream I've always had since I discovered a Betsey Johnson store in California when I was younger... Ever since I was born I've had a knack for fashion. When I was a little itty bitty kid in Valley School (my pre-school to elemntary school) my teachers couldn't wait to see what I was dressed in everyday when I came to school. I would wear the strangest things and I loved Punky Brewster, my idol! hehe. I even wore different colored socks just like her.

Nowadays, I live on my own, support myself and am trying to make my dream come true, to become a well-known fashion designer! I realize to be a well-known fashion designer you need to make your clothing fashionable, in-the-now and as always extremely well-made! There's nothing like a well-made piece of clothing... It makes you feel so good when you put it on. My main goal is to bring awesome clothes to people like me. I know how much I've always loved looking different in a cool way. When I was younger we didn't have any Hot Topic stores around in my town, so I had to deconstruct, cut-up clothing & put together pieces of my outfit from all different places. Now, I want girls & women to come to Meow Kiki and buy an entire outfit all at once that completely matches & is unique for their unique personalities. I just want to make people happy because when they're happy, I'm happy! :)



Omg Lia said...

Great interview! I love meow kiki!

PrettyPetalsSoap said...

Very nice Heather, love the pictures and interview!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feature! :D I <3 Mara