Friday, July 13, 2007

Featured Etsy Seller: soapylove

Soapylove is the PERFECT name for this Etsy shop. I adore her soaps - they're almost too pretty to use! The soaps have the most creative shapes and colors I've ever seen. They sell out quickly, so if you see a soap you love, you'd better buy it now.

** My name is Debbie Chialtas and I am an apparel professional by day, but when I was pregnant with my son over 2 years ago, I got inspired by glycerin soap. Since then I discovered Etsy where I have built Soapylove and the rest is history! My son, husband, and I live in San Diego, but dearly miss Central California where we spent our college years.
** I find glycerin soap so versatile and full of potential. It captures color, translucency, texture, scent, and best of all - practicality. The soapsicles have really tapped into a whole world of people who either enjoy something silly, colorful, nostalgic, or want to get a gift for a little friend of theirs. It's so nice to create something that just makes people smile. I love that!

One of her Lemonade Soapsicles - yum!

Sugar Cookie Soaps - mmmmmmmm

Waffle soap scented with Vermont Syrup fragrance. Soap bananas and blueberries included. Forget your bar of Ivory, kids.

You can find Debbie's soaps at:

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