Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Featured Etsy Seller: Kitty Pink Stars!

When I saw this seller's items on Etsy, I KNEW I wanted to put her in my blog because her stuff is just so darn cute! Kitty Pink Stars creator describes herself as, "a kooky pink girl who makes things to make people smile!" She has a 6 year old boy and four cats and has to be the coolest mom ever - I wonder if she'd adopt me ;o). She learned to knit and stitch from her "nan" and "mum" (she lives in the UK). Kitty Pink Stars was also featured in Little Miss River's blog - Dreams and Words back in April, and in Pink World!, back in February

This is Ms. Kitty in "socky" form :)

Kitty calls theses creatures "Ice Creamies" and they sure look delicious!

These look good enough to eat....

You can buy her goodies on Etsy
Catch her on MySpace
And be sure to check out one of her rockstar socks on YouTube!


Robyn said...

Just the name is enough for me. So darn cute!

Mara said...

I know - I have to make sure I've eaten before I look at her stuff, or I get a craving for sweets.

Lisa Clark said...

Both KPS and her creations rock n' rule - so, so adoreable!

Richie said...

I have one of KiTTYPiNKSTaRS knitted creatures called 'Hank' and it is really cute. Did you know that she also designed and created the famous sock puppet that features in the Bo Pepper music videos produced by Penny Mix Films?