Thursday, June 14, 2007

Featured eBay Seller: Shrinkle!

Let me just start this entry by saying I ADORE Amy. She was one of the first sellers that I met (online) and is extremely talented, friendly, and has one of the most interesting on and offline personalities (did I mention that she's gorgeous, too?)!

Amy of Shrinkle has been selling for quite some years now, and her clothing is unique and very well crafted. She also wears what she creates, so you know she's proud of her clothing!

One of Amy's signature pieces, Mohawk Hoodie:

Another one of her awesome creations!

Roxy of the Epoxies in Lollipop Magazine - wearing a Shrinkle corset.

She's been interviewed quite a few times in different magazines (click here to go to Amy's ModelMayhem account to view the articles). You'll find out how she got her start and evolved to the awesomeness that she is today!

You can find Amy and more information about her clothing at:

eBay Store, this is the only site where she sells her clothing, as well as some fantastic trim, fabrics and punk jewelery. She also sells cosmetics by Kryolan. I highly recommend the makeup! I use it for all my eBay and Etsy ads and it goes on like butter and worth every cent.


MySpace (her Shrinkle profile) and MySpace (her Dollhaus Fashion Show profile)


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